Corporate Golf Gala

About Us

The organisers of the annual Golf Gala are business people who have come together to support Scouting in South Berkshire.

Scouting is a worldwide organisation and it would be safe to say that all of us have in some way been ‘touched’ by it, either personally as a member, a parent of a child member, or just aware of someone that is involved. With over 28 million members worldwide how can you not be!

In Berkshire alone there are 8,000 members participating in the Scouting “Programme”, a seamless progression for 4 – 25 year olds of training, activities and awards combined and delivered together to help these young people grow and develop in a number of personal development areas through 'learning by doing'.

Whilst Scouting is recognised as being a core element of central and local governments' 'Provision for Youth', it is staffed at the local level, entirely by volunteers. Scouting needs the vital support of the local business community, and we do hope that you will consider helping us to help Scouting locally. For further information about the local Scout Movement visit their website at

Scouting enhances and enriches the schooling that our young people receive by adding those essential people and life skills that they will need to become our future business people.

Please help us, to help them, to help you!

South Berkshire District Scouts (